Digital out-of-home Advertising (DOOH)

As a result of today’s fast paced lifestyle, it has become increasingly difficult for advertisers to reach their target audience. Traditional methods are no longer effective, thus, a need to uncover new channels was born. At Media360, we believe DOOH Advertising is the solution for your business to STAND OUT OF THE CROWD.

The digital signage industry is the fastest growing means of advertising in today’s marketplace. Studies show that 63% of people agree that digital signage catches their attention more than any other medium. Beyond its visual eye-catching appeal, numerous studies have reported that people find it “more interesting”, “unique”, “entertaining”, and “less annoying” when compared to more conventional forms of advertising.
With this information in mind, Media360 set out to take digital advertising in an entirely new direction. We offer unique opportunities to advertisers, host businesses, and entrepreneurs alike. Whatever category you fit into, we have a solution for you. From franchising your own digital signage business, to becoming a host site where our digital signage can be displayed, there is something for everyone with Media360. Contact us to find out more today!