Our society has reached the digital age. We receive our information and entertainment in a much different way than we used to.  Traditional forms of advertising that used to work have become much less effective as advertisers are turning to high-tech, digital ads that reach potential customers as they are on the move.

Today, instead of opening a phone book or newspaper, we go directly to the internet on our smart phones and tablets.

Rather than listening to traditional radio, we plug in our iPods and stream music on the go.

In place of watching Network TV or Cable we watch Netflix and program our DVR’s so we can skip the commercials.

All of these modern changes have made it very difficult for businesses to determine which form of traditional advertising will be the most effective.

Today Businesses use digital signage at point of sale stations and other high traffic areas because it has been shown to be 47% more effective on brand awareness over traditional advertising formats thereby increasing the average purchase amount by 29.5%.

Media360’s Out of Home Advertising Network or (DOOH) Network reaches consumers while they are out of the home in a buying mode.


  • Each network of Host Sites reaches up to 40,000 viewers every month.
  • Select the specific neighborhoods where you want to advertise.
  • Your ad can be static, antimated or video.
  • More cost effective than other forms of advertising.
  • An affordable way for an advertiser to reach over 500,000 views every year.
  • Improved metrics and accountability for the advertiser.
  • Advertisers can better target almost any demographic and socio-graphic group.
  • Ability to target consumers while they are out of the home in a buying mode.

*Minimum agreement.