Authorized Dealers

What is an Authorized Dealer?

An Authorized Dealer is an independent Sales Organization (ISO) not related to Media360. Media360 Authorized Dealers earn commissions, co-op accruals and account maintenance fees for the acquiring of new customers and Host Sites for Media360 according to their agency agreements. Media360 performs all billing, collections, management of installations, maintenance and customer service for the Media360 customers and Host Sites activated by the Authorized Dealer. Authorized Dealers identify themselves as Authorized Dealers of Media360 and use Media360 trademarks in accordance with their agency agreement. The Media360 Indirect Channel vision is to have strategic alliances with Authorized Dealers by having a finite number of locations that are strategically placed within the market place.

Authorized Dealers

Sturgeon Systems, Inc
303.919.8203  Denver, CO

Make it Rain, LLC
480.919.9999  Scottsdale, AZ

Time Jump, Inc
602.919.9999  Phoenix, AZ

818.479.3949  Westhills, CA