An Advertiser


Why should I consider digital advertising?

Advertising spending in the US is estimated at $251,000,000,000 per year – and digital advertising is the newest and fastest growing segment.  According to reports, digital advertising spending has overtaken every form of advertising except television – and by 2018 it is projected to exceed even that medium.   The IBM Institute for Business Value stated that “The next 5 years will hold more change for the advertising industry than the previous 50 did.”  And Media360  is distinctively positioned in the digital signage space.

Today people are out and about all the time, living their busy lives, making it even more difficult to reach them via traditional advertising media.  Digital signage advertising has stopping power.  The OTX study determined that 63% of the people say digital signage catches their attention – more than any other medium.  And it is not just that it catches their attention – but numerous studies show that people find it more interesting, unique, entertaining, and less annoying.  More importantly, it has been shown that digital signage is more effective in driving people to action.  Studies indicate that well designed and placed digital ads can increase sales by as much as 40% or more.


Why Media360?

It is no secret, even to the layman, that traditional forms of advertising are fading in their reach and effectiveness – print revenue fell for the 6th consecutive year, while TV viewership is down a staggering 50% since 2002.  Although television still has the highest awareness rating of all media surveyed, digital signage is a close second, not to mention that it is more targeted and less expensive.  With our unique screen placement, Media360 provides a business the ability to target their advertising both demographically and geographically – something that is difficult to match through any other means.


Where do my ads show?

Media360’s unique cloud-based service maximizes viewer impact.  Your advertising is placed on large, high definition screens that are strategically placed in popular community meeting spots like health clubs, coffee shops, sports bars, restaurants, waiting rooms, and similar high traffic gathering places where people spend time. 


How are my ads shown?

Our digital ads are nothing short of the highest quality.  They rival full page spreads in top magazines where ad costs start at $5,500 for a single page!  And that’s for a monthly publication – a magazine that may or may not be read – and if read, there is no assurance the ad will even be viewed. 

Media360’s ads run for substantially less cost while reaching a comparative audience – and that’s not once a month, but rather, multiple times each day, in multiple locations.  The placement of our screens, and the interaction they have to other TVs, improves the viewership attention with the repetition further reinforcing the message.


How often are my ads displayed?

Initially, your ad will show will show 40 to 60 times every day on each host site screen.  Based on the number of screens you select, along with the number of patrons visiting those host sites, will determine your viewership.   At our maximum (125 ads per screen) capacity, your ad is shown over 14,000 times a month on 20 screens.


Can I select where my ads are shown?

Our sales representatives will work diligently to determine the best options to target your ad to achieve maximum impact.


How much does it cost for the ads to be created?

Our displays can show video, animated or static content depending on your desire.  Many of our clients already have files for us to utilize or a graphic designer that can provide us their ad copy.  If you prefer to use our graphic designers instead, our fees are quite reasonable.  If you would like to create a video ad, we have those services available, as well, for a very reasonable rate.  


A Host Site


What are some of the advantages for me to be a Host Site?

Your biggest impact will be the community service of helping other small businesses in your community.  These are businesses that are likely already your customer or are a potential customer and center of influence.  Additionally, you will receive complimentary space on your screens for your ads and specials that will display in your business.  It should also be noted that each of our Host Sites receives a significant discount for any advertising they place outside of their establishment.  Each of our Host Sites are listed and receive a special notation in Media360’s Directory in addition to the other value added services provided such as search engine optimization after they have been partners for 6 months

What is my financial commitment?

At this time, Media360 provides the TVs and equipment at no cost to the Host Site.  The installation of the equipment can be done by your own technicians or we can arrange for that function to be completed by an independent party.  Even when we arrange for the installation, there is no out of pocket expense to the Host Site as the costs, usually minor in nature, are eventually deducted from the revenue share portion the Host Site receives.


May I use my own equipment?

Yes.  Surprisingly, we are often asked to utilize existing equipment, and that is easy for us to accomplish.  Our equipment works with virtually every make of TV or monitor screen.


Do I need an internet connection?

Yes.  Our only requirement is that you have internet, and this can be Wi-Fi or hard wired.  Should the internet service need to be added to your business, we can certainly make some recommendations, although this cost is that of the Host Site.


Can I advertise my own business?

One of the greatest benefits of being a Media360 Host Site is the ability to promote your own business and specials at your location.  Your customers see your offers and specials, on your screens, branded with your logo.  You are also able to advertise in our other Host Sites and we encourage this by providing deep discounts for the Host Site advertising.


Do I get paid for the ads on the display in my business?

We do revenue share with our Host Sites and the level of participation depends on the number of customers they have on a daily basis, as well as the number of screens in your location.  Ads that compete with your business or ads that are found objectionable in nature will not be displayed as you direct.  It should be noted that we delay the revenue share for six months.  This allows our sales team the time to get paid advertising in place.


Career and Business Opportunities


What are some of the career opportunities available?

There are many potential career opportunities available at Media360 as we build out each of our areas – opportunities such as graphic designers, sales representatives and administrative positions, to mention a few.


Are there business opportunities available?

Media360 Franchising offers franchises throughout the country, even international.  Our platform has the potential to be very attractive for the right individuals.  Please contact our company directly for any inquiries along these lines.