Guaranteed Captive Audience

All Digital Ads - Head Rest (2)Our interactive tablets are placed on the back headrest of the passenger side seat in over 1,000 Taxi cabs in the greater Phoenix, Arizona metro area. These cabs deliver nearly 14,000 rides a day and transport 1.5 passengers per ride (over 7 million passengers a year). This translates into the most Captive, Interactive and Engaging media an advertiser could ever look for: approx. 650,000 passengers per month, traveling an average of 15 minutes.


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ChildrensFlyer-Full-nologoRolling Kiosk For Education

Media 360 has devised a way to get great equipment into schools with our digital media rolling kiosks. Through this program we help raise money for extra supplies that school funding doesn’t have the budget to procure. Now, classes such as art, science, physical education, and more will have the supplies they so desperately need. To see if your school qualifies for a free Rolling Kiosk Contact Us Today!